The Rollout: GEHENNA: The Game & The Elder Project
November 15th, 2022

Over the last couple months, I’ve been constructing a game engine in order to lead members of the (icon) universe through Middle America.

Following in the footsteps of the great Mike Pondsmith, the black creator of the Cyberpunk series, I plan on starting this monumental IP by first constructing a simple game that will evolve with unique visuals and set pieces, and eventually, comics, novels, shows, and movies.

A side goal I hope to accomplish with this series is getting more black people to play tabletop roleplaying games, as they’ve been the source of some of my greatest experiences that I share with friends for a lifetime.

Here’s what the game contains as well as how to play it in it’s beta state.


GEHENNA: the Game is a tabletop role playing game designed in the style of games like Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk, and other theatre of the mind games. In it, players will be able to customize their own characters, powers, create weapons and mythical technology, search for ancient holy artifacts lost to time, as well as fight angels, monsters, demons, vampires, vandals, giants, and all manner of myths in order to forge their own legend and ignite their own sparks of humanity.

Players will be able to explore Gehenna, the brutal lands created after the scroll of Revelation was partially unsealed roughly 300 years ago.

In the game is a custom magic engine called the Luxos System, where different schools of Gnosticism have cultivated their own ways to harness the power of Light to protect themselves against the violent creatures and beings that frequent the lands between. You can follow the teachings of these five schools, and even cultivate your own techniques and spells based on your characters personality, experiences, and accumulated legend.

I will be the sole Game Master for the first chapter of this saga. Players will be able to embark on missions issued by the city of Zion, home of the Hinnomites, as well as track bounties, participate in espionage, interfere in faction conflicts, and even join the frontlines in the Great War of the Apocalypse that has been raging on for over 200 years.

In this universe, EVERYTHING is against you, including God. the further you venture from your home civilization, the closer you’ll be to meeting your end at the hands of whatever being catches wind of you first.

In order to play, you’ll mint a Convent Pass, which will allow you to assemble a party of up to 4 Hinnomites to venture into Hell on Earth and forge your own story and brave the dangers that lie in wait.

Convents as Alpha Playtesters

Convents are parties of Hinnomites that venture out into Gehenna together to reinforce their chances of survival. GEHENNA: The Game is currently in early access beta testing, so players being active in their campaign and providing feedback will affect the final product, and will be included in the final credits once The Gospel of Mark and the Tales of Gehenna are finished and published.

Mint price is 0.1ETH, which for a party of four is essentially the cost of a player handbook for each participant.

Players can be of any race, creed, color, or ethnicity, although in order to play the game you must be able to speak decent English as that is the only language I can speak currently.

Revamping the Elder Project

The recreation of the First Elder: Russ, The Collector
The recreation of the First Elder: Russ, The Collector

The Elder project is a collection of 70 custom pfps depicting the 70 Elders who walked with St. Duckworth westward, founding the Great City of Zion and being the first to ignite the spark of humanity and harness the power of Light.

The Elders have special privileges in the (icon) universe, with the ability to create locations to visit in Middle America, and shape the story of the Gospel of Mark, as well as having their stories recorded on-chain in a compilation novel called the Tales of Gehenna.

See the image above to see how the NFT will evolve once a reference is obtained.

Elders in GEHENNA: The Game
Every action that Elders take in GEHENNA: The Game will have an effect in the final battle at the end of the main story in Chapter 3 of The Gospel of Mark.

In order to become an Elder, you must be of non-white descent due to the nature of the history of this universe.

Elders cost 0.3ETH to obtain.

For those who have already become Elders, check the link below to claim an exclusive Elder Convent Pass for the entirety of the early access period of GEHENNA: The Game.

If you wish to become an Elder, or became an Elder after this article is published, contact me either on Twitter or email me at to have a pass airdropped to you.

The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 0 & Rollout

The Prologue of The Gospel of Mark main story begins on Friday, November 18th, and once the final piece of key art is minted, all pass holders and future pass holders will be sent the GEHENNA: The Game Player Handbook, and from there will be able to create their character and prepare a campaign for themselves and whomever they decide to play with.

I look forward to creating an amazing story with all of you guys!

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